Episode 7: An Interview with Carl Paoli


Episode 7 was extremely special to me as Carl Paoli visited OTL Fitness for an interview. Does Carl own a gym? No. But we dig into entrepreneurship, running a business with your spouse, life, and so many other great things in this interview.


Not listening to this episode would be a mistake. Whether your a gym owner or you own a coffee shop, you have to give this episode a listen.

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Episode 6: Facebook Marketing for your gym

Facebook can be a great go to place to get your gym noticed. But before you start shooting that video or creating that piece of content, you should consider a few things first.

Check out Episode 6 on iTunes (Search Garage Gym Start Up) and hear what we’ve done that was bad, and how we’ve changed our approach to make it better.

Pictured below is the photo of our outline I mention in the podcast. This is the outline we use before launching an ad. This gives us direction to what we are trying to accomplish and who we are trying to reach.

If you have any questions, please ask. I’m happy to help.

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Episode 2 of Garage Gym Startup: Am I ready to start a gym?

Maybe you currently train at a big gym (Gold’s, 24Hr Fitness, etc) or maybe you train a few people in your garage. Whichever the case may be, you are constantly asking yourself if now is the right time to start a gym of your own.

In this episode I cover that question and let you all know one big thing. You are going to have to make sacrifices now in order to build something for yourself. No sugar coating in this episode, just truth!


Garage Gym Startup Episode #1

Listen To Episode #1 here > http://apple.co/2tuTYdB

The transition has happened. Although I loved, “The Lion’s Roar” it did not allow me to find a direction in the topics I spoke on. The move to, “Garage Gym Startup” makes it pretty clear, I hope.

I will be discussing the garage gym business from my perspective. I am going to share the where I started and why I started that way, the growth, the ups/downs, and the process and procedures I went through and still go through today.

Owning a gym isn’t easy and this is not a podcast about getting 100 new members in 30 days. This is about the grind. The early mornings and late nights. The failures and the success.

I am most excited to speak about marketing and how we’ve changed our point of view in order to become a brand and not just a business.

I am excited about this journey and am more excited for you to follow along with me. If you have questions or topics you’d like for me to cover, send questions to david@otlfitness.com

– Coach David de Leon