Episode 15: Using Social Media to Grow Your Gym

In episode 15 I discuss how gyms can use social media to grow their gym membership by laying out the reasons we use it.

To be clear, the use of social media doesn’t have to be for a sale right then and there. Gyms should be using social media to grow their brand, reach out and keep up with current clients, get involved in conversations with others in the area, and to make b2b and b2c relationships as well.

Social media can be your best friend, or you can let it go to the way-side and miss out on great business opportunities because you didn’t want to learn how to use it for the good of your gym business and your clients.

I hope you enjoy episode 15 and as always, what I talk about isn’t the answer, it’s the way we do things, what has worked, and what hasn’t worked.

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