Episode 14: An interview with Aja and Aryan Barto – Owners of Behemoth CrossFit

This episode is incredible. Aja and Aryan Barto go all in as they talk about running their business together as brothers, their thoughts on being gym owners, what growth looks like, hiring coaches and so much more.

Aja and Aryan were both athletes at a very high level. They’ve taken that same work ethic and have put it into their work and it is incredible to see first hand what they have done.

If you own or are thinking about starting a gym, you must listen to this episode (period). Get insights from others that are making it happen right now, and get motivated to get after it in your business too.

You can listen to the episode at the top of the post and don’t forget to download the podcast on iTunes. Just search, Garage Gym Start Up.

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