Garage Gym Startup Episode #1

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The transition has happened. Although I loved, “The Lion’s Roar” it did not allow me to find a direction in the topics I spoke on. The move to, “Garage Gym Startup” makes it pretty clear, I hope.

I will be discussing the garage gym business from my perspective. I am going to share the where I started and why I started that way, the growth, the ups/downs, and the process and procedures I went through and still go through today.

Owning a gym isn’t easy and this is not a podcast about getting 100 new members in 30 days. This is about the grind. The early mornings and late nights. The failures and the success.

I am most excited to speak about marketing and how we’ve changed our point of view in order to become a brand and not just a business.

I am excited about this journey and am more excited for you to follow along with me. If you have questions or topics you’d like for me to cover, send questions to

– Coach David de Leon

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