Episode 17: Dealing with bad phone calls and coaching 1 person classes

The other day I received a phone call from someone who claimed to be interested in classes but instead went on for about 15 minutes about the things she didn’t want to do. I could tell from the start of the conversation that she would not be a good fit but I really wanted to try and help. By the end of the conversation she was telling me, “All coaches have egos” and “I don’t want to have to hear a coach telling me I have to do deadlifts”. This is what the first part of today’s episode is about. I also talk about how to deal with these phone calls.

The second part of the episode is about how to handle/coach a class that only 1 person shows up to. Here’s a hint, the same way you would a large class with even more energy!

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Episode 16: An Interview with Restauranteur, Jae Kim

Jae Kim and I sat down at OTL Fitness for this awesome interview (the live video is at our facebook page: facebook.com/garagegymstartup).

Jae Kim is an amazing entrepreneur who started from the “garage gym” style like us, except with food trucks. From his food trucks he has begun to build a brick and mortar empire in Austin, Texas with the hopes of expanding outside of in the future. If you need an entrepreneur to look up to, Jae is the guy.  He exemplifies what it means to start with the bare minimum, work hard, dream big and go after what you want to accomplish.

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Episode 15: Using Social Media to Grow Your Gym

In episode 15 I discuss how gyms can use social media to grow their gym membership by laying out the reasons we use it.

To be clear, the use of social media doesn’t have to be for a sale right then and there. Gyms should be using social media to grow their brand, reach out and keep up with current clients, get involved in conversations with others in the area, and to make b2b and b2c relationships as well.

Social media can be your best friend, or you can let it go to the way-side and miss out on great business opportunities because you didn’t want to learn how to use it for the good of your gym business and your clients.

I hope you enjoy episode 15 and as always, what I talk about isn’t the answer, it’s the way we do things, what has worked, and what hasn’t worked.

Episode 14: An interview with Aja and Aryan Barto – Owners of Behemoth CrossFit

This episode is incredible. Aja and Aryan Barto go all in as they talk about running their business together as brothers, their thoughts on being gym owners, what growth looks like, hiring coaches and so much more.

Aja and Aryan were both athletes at a very high level. They’ve taken that same work ethic and have put it into their work and it is incredible to see first hand what they have done.

If you own or are thinking about starting a gym, you must listen to this episode (period). Get insights from others that are making it happen right now, and get motivated to get after it in your business too.

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Episode 13: Email Captures, plugins and autoresponders for your fitness business

If you are like me, when you read the key words in the title of this episode, it can really be a turn off. We are in this business because we love people and fitness, not for emails and autoresponders…right? Unfortunately, you are wrong. When it comes to bringing on new members with the most efficiency, you must learn these key components.

Don’t make the mistake many gym owners make by thinking owning a gym simply means coaching and working out. There is a lot to the process and part of that is creating systems that create ease on both the part of you, the owner, and clients.

Although it may seem like an arduous task in the beginning, getting this systems in place will make your life much easier. Check out this episode to hear how we use them. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Episode 12: The Importance of Communication

When coaching groups of people it is important to realize that the way you communicate quickly becomes a key factor in how the class flows. Not everyone learns from the same cues. Some may respond in a positive way to a cue while others may not.

Learning proper communication is key in not only getting the most out of your clients, but it also helps with client retention. Why? Because the better we are at communicating, the better our relationship with each individual client will be.

Remember, it’s important to speak the language of many when trying to be the best coach possible. This does not mean changing your coaching style, it means adding to the skills you already have.

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Episode 11: Getting new clients in the gym

It’s important we constantly get new faces into our gym doors. Not all will become members, but the more people we can get to experience our product, the better our chances.

In today’s episode I talk about 3 events we use to get new and potential clients in the door and what we do next.

The bonus topic is about the things you will have to sacrifice now in order to have a great gym in the future!

Episode 10: Creating Class Flow and Energy

Do you have a flow to your classes? Do you know how to create energy in the beginning of your class, maintain it and close it out with energy as well? One more question, how do you introduce new members on their first day?

How you control the flow of your class and how you introduce new members is very important and can create a consistency that your clients come to love and enjoy.

In this podcast I talk about how we “flow” through a class, create and maintain energy and close out classes with a bang!

Episode 9: How to price your gyms classes

How to price your gyms classes

How do you price your gym classes? Do you try to undercut the competition (not a good idea). Do you do your due-diligence prior to selecting your pricing? Do you know what your time is worth?

These are just a few of the questions you should be asking yourself before settling on your class pricing. Check out episode 9 as I talk about pricing and how I went about it when setting up ours.

Episode 8: Creating Community in Your Gym

I cannot over emphasize the importance of building a great community from the start of opening your gym. The people you build the foundation on will be the same people who help you grow as they tell their friends about, “The awesome gym” they go to.

But how do we create community? Do we do it as leaders? Or do we allow those in class to do it?

In Episode 8 I talk about just that. Creating a community, the importance and how your leadership should drive it.

Listen to Episode 8 Below!